High speed shuttles move flowers at the Aalsmeer flower auction on a typical weekday where 43 million flowers and 5 million plants change hands. 60 percent of the worldwide trade in flowers and plants move from the warehouse to auction block daily.

A portrait of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (foreground) is displayed in the candle-lit exhibition hall of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. Sirleaf was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her non-violent struggle for the safety of women.

Visitors swim in this cenote (sinkhole) at Ik Kil, Mexico which is about 85 feet below ground.  Vines reach from the opening down to the water and give the illusion that the swimmers are climbing.

A physician describes the pathology of a tissue sample during a lecture at Penn State College of Medicine.

Street decorations begin to illuminate the evening’s festivities at the Kristkindl Market in Vienna. The celebration is a tradition carried on for centuries.

Visitors sit in the shade of a Valiant BT-13A's wing during the World War II Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading PA.

The Cholla Canal Water Resources Building near Scottsdale Arizona awaits as many municipalities debate to treat wastewater and convert it into drinking water.

A cafe in Prague, Czech Republic uses a rubber stamp to imprint a dessert menu onto the table covering in order to reduce contact during the COVID pandemic.

A horn player warms up prior to the Hershey Symphony’s April concert.  This performance wraps up their fifty-fifth season.

Dancers celebrate Memorial Day to the sounds of Generations Big Band at a concert in Pen Mar (MD) Park pavilion.

Ten-year old Josiah Garcia, relates his journey of courage at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital with the support of Four Diamonds during his ongoing treatment.

A local resident of Florence, Italy, gets water from a outdoor faucet as she performs her daily routine of sweeping the sidewalk at the base of the Duomo.

Participants in a “Mini-Thon” display the Four Diamonds sign as they raise money locally to combat childhood cancer.

A young girl shoots a “selfie” video on an observation deck at Horseshoe Falls. She is dancing in front of her phone’s camera, with the falls as the backdrop.

The “hubcap man” assists car enthusiasts during the AACA Fall Meet in Hershey, PA. The event is held annually for attendees to find that one in a million piece of needed trim.

As school is ready to begin this fall, family practice physicians across the state are busy with necessary exams and physicals.

Frankie Verroca relaxes at home in Hell’s Kitchen. The NYC-based entertainer is well-known for his character roles.

A proud Harrisburg, PA mother recounts fond memories as she holds her son’s purple heart medal.

Penn State College of Medicine professor Dr. Ronald Miller reflects on the College’s Nephrology residency program in preparation for the upcoming year.

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